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Eventprov is all about sharing improv concepts in a fun way with non-performers. Improv concepts enhance events, teach leadership & team building skills and encourage personal growth.

At Eventprov, we are focused on creating interactive experiences for participants that foster connection and learning. These can take the form of:

  • Interactive conference sessions
  • Workshops
  • Retreats

Jenise Fryatt

For much of my life I was painfully shy and virtually paralyzed by my fear of failure.  But like so many introverts, I dreamed of performing on stage.

When I became a parent, I decided that I didn’t want to model the behaviors that had left me so unfulfilled. So I began to focus on the process of my life, rather than goals and product. I wanted to perform, so I focused on giving the best audition I could rather than on actually getting the part. And at the age of 34, I went to my first audition. As I experienced more and more success, I kept pushing myself beyond my comfort zone and finally took the scariest step of all: I enrolled in an improv class.

I learned that in improv there are rules that, when followed, can allow a genius performance to be created by average players. Within a few months, I was asked by my teacher Jeanette Knight (see below) to join the improv group Joe & Mustard (with which I subsequently spent six years performing.) Because of the laughter, comraderie and feeling of personal growth it gave me, my regular improv play became addicting.

Soon I began to notice that I had changed.  I was no longer so afraid of failure and also no longer the wallflower I had been. I now credit improv with giving me the tools to emerge from my shell, express my ideas and support them with action. Basically, improv has allowed me to be myself for all the world, not just in my head.

I believe that improv has great contributions to make to any study of team-building, leadership or self improvement. I’ve begun to share what I’ve learned in workshops and interactive conference presentations that feature discussion & improv games.

My husband Mike and I and our partner Tony Messina have owned and operated Icon Presentations, audio visual for events located in the Palm Springs area of Southern California since 1990. Icon provides video, audio, lighting and wide-screen technological support to event producers and planners across the country.

I’m a big believer in the rapidly evolving events industry and in the way that social media supports it.  I write about these topics on my blog Sound ‘n Sight and on Engage365, an online community for events professionals interested in innovation. I’m also Community Manager for Engage365.

Mike and I have two teenagers (one has flown the coop and is at college in Canada.)

OH, and when I grow up I want to be Maude, from Harold & Maude.

For information about Eventprov presentations/workshops, please email me at jenisefryatt@gmail.com.

For information about how Icon Presentations might help with your audio visual needs, please visit Icon Presentations.


Jeanette Knight

Jeanette Knight is an award-winning actor, director, and educator, whose body of work includes over 40 roles and 20 directing credits nationwide, including a stint at the Tony award-winning Victory Gardens Theatre in Chicago.  Most recently, she played Louise in “Always, Patsy Cline” at the Indio Performing Arts Center to sold-out audiences.

She has served as an artist-in-residence for the California Arts Council, Beaumont Actors Studio, and the McCallum Theatre, where she also was its Education Program Manager for ten years.  She has been recognized as a master teaching artist in the field of Aesthetic Education, an inquiry-based progressive education methodology pioneered by the Lincoln Center Institute in New York.   She founded Joe & Mustard, the long-form improvisational acting troupe, whose members have been dubbed “masters” of the art form.

Some of her proudest accomplishments are the artistic projects she carried out to address violence among teens.  Jeanette is part of the theatre faculty at the prestigious Idyllwild Arts Academy, one of only three arts-based boarding schools in the United States.  She is a member of the Actors Equity Association and the Screen Actors Guild.

Jenise Fryatt

Jenise Fryatt is the founder and chief trainer of Eventprov.

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